1. What does “SICURO” mean?

The name “SICURO” was specifically chosen as its multiple meanings in the Italian language are representative of the three core objectives of our business.

A. Our clients are to feel sure (essere sicuro) about our methods and recommendations;

B. Our clients are to see how their business is tangibly more secure (la sicurezza aziendale);

C. Our clients are to feel safe (sentirsi sicuro) in the conduct of their business.


2. What is the SICURO difference?

Boards now recognise that failures in physical security, crisis management, fraud prevention, business continuity and data protection have the potential to be as harmful to an organisation’s finances, operations or reputation as an unwise fund investment or legal non-compliance.

The SICURO difference lies in its operational implementation of the Enterprise Security Risk Management model. ESRM is the fluid immersion of the security risk professional throughout the enterprise, charged with enabling business and influencing positive change through identifying convergences, enhancing collaboration, minimising cost and maximising efficiency.


3. Who would benefit from SICURO consultancy?

Whether novel or established, public or private sector, non-governmental or not-for-profit, every organisation has a risk profile.

Your risk profile is unique and, together with your business environment, it is constantly evolving. For this reason, every subject is assessed from absolute zero, ensuring that our results are relevant, thorough, justified and actionable.


4. What is the process from here?

Upon receiving your email, a SICURO consultant will contact you to schedule a time for a telephone or Skype appointment to discuss your particular requirements.

During this no-obligation conversation, the consultant will explain how SICURO works and, should you wish to proceed, together you will cultivate the best way forward.

Although we are based in Rome, Italy, we are a mobile enterprise and warmly welcome clients from all corners of the globe.


/Siˈkuro/ Safe. Sure. Secure.